November 18, 2019 - Urban League of West Michigan - Winner of 2019 Torch Award for Ethics


The Grand Rapids Urban League is proud to be a winner of the Better Business Bureau's 2019 Torch Awards for Ethics.

The mission of the Grand Rapids Urban League is to provide the means to empower African Americans and other minorities to achieve economic self-reliance, parity and civil rights. Our vision is to be The Leader—and preeminent agency in West Michigan— effectively utilizing diverse and abundant resources to redress racial injustice and promote racial equality.  We strive to empower our community members in Employment, Education, Housing, Health, and Racial Equity. Everyone who walks through our door deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

"Our desire is to impact this community like never before. And it's huge when you have people who can come through the door and see people, professionals, that look like them. That understand their plight and have a heart for what they need. And will go over and above what a normal job would entail to make sure that those needs are met. Ethics is what our what our organization is built on. We owe our community a place where they know they're safe, that they can trust, and they can depend that they're going to do what they say they're going to do. So when a person walks in this door, one of the things we say is you can never go wrong by providing that person dignity and respect. And we hold ourselves accountable in everything that we do, in what we say publicly, in what we do privately. Everything in this organization, it would not be here, and we would not have survived, if we didn't have an ethical mindset and our organization thrives on that."

Lisa M. Knight, MA
Director, Center for Health, Wellness, and Youth
Grand Rapids Urban League

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