Hints For Landing That Job

Choose Your Target Carefully:

Put your time and energy into opportunities that you are interested in. You also want to focus on those that give you the best chance of receiving an offer. Pick a few companies you are interested in and pursue them, no matter if they have openings or not.

Work Your Network:

Talk to family members, friends, school advisors, and social media contacts and let them know you are looking.

Sell Yourself:

Learn how to talk about yourself in a way that is meaningful and powerful. An example might be; "I've always been a team player and it has always been my goal to use my positive attitude, work ethics and experiences to bring fresh ideas to the challenge."

Sweat the Small Stuff:

Personal touches make a huge difference. Make sure each letter is addressed to a specific person within the business and the cover letter addresses your specific skills and qualities the company is looking for. Always write a thank you note.

Remember to always take the note in person to the interviewer or, if that is not possible, send a thank you note through the mail immediately after the interview.

Above all else, stay positive in these tough economic times.

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