Employment: Our Partnerships With You

Welcome to the Center for Employment and Workforce Development where we specialize in:

  • Recruitment
  • Referral
  • Retention
EmploymentServices for individual job seekers:
  • Employment Assessment
  • Employment Counseling & Placement
  • Partnership Services for Employers
  • Broader Business Community
Employment Assessment
Individual clients will participate in a career assessment. The assessment will assist individuals in determining their aptitude, interests, strengths and weaknesses in relation to future career and employment opportunities. In-depth counseling is provided to share the type(s) of career path options which build on the client’s natural talents, skills, experience and strengths. Testing provides job seekers with an opportunity to understand where continuing education or increased computer skills may increase their employability.
Employment Counseling & Placement
Employment Counseling is designed to help applicants obtain the best possible paid employment in accordance with their skills, talents, capabilities and experience. For those who want to build or revive a career, the Employment and Training Department is an excellent place to start. Job seekers can find information and resources necessary to conduct a complete job search. Grand Rapids Urban League Employment Specialists can personally access information about job announcements, workforce assistance, customized training and community resources.
The Employment Services Department provides professional development counseling that facilitates the promotion and career success for individuals at every level of the job spectrum including entry level employment to entry level and mid level management positions, retirees seeking part-time work and individuals who are seeking a career change.
Employment Specialists provide one-on-one counseling to applicants. Sessions average approximately 30 minutes. Please bring a copy of your resume and/or dates of employment, cover letter templates and employment references. Resume development and/or refinement assistance will be provided.
Please call us at (616) 245-2207 or  email us at info@grurbanleague.org if you have a position open or you are looking for a job.
You may also wish to use the Michigan Talent Bank link below that enables job seekers to search for specific jobs and enables employers to list jobs: http://www.MiTalent.org
Click here to view and download Business Insiders Employment Guide –
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