What We Believe In


Effective, high performing organizations identify and develop a clear, concise and shared understanding of those values that shape their character, define their direction, and influence their choices. The following core values to which the Urban League of West Michigan subscribes collectively form the cornerstone or prism of those principles and beliefs that define who we are and guide our decisions, actions and behaviors. They permeate what we think, do, believe and accomplish.
We will understand and “live” by the core values we’ve adopted integrating our individual and organizational decisions, actions, and behaviors.
In everything we do, through our people, programs, policies and performance, we will aspire to achieve the highest standards of quality with a commitment to continuous improvement.
We “lead by example,” both individually and organizationally. We take responsibility, provide the guidance, and inspire each other and our community to reach for and attain our full potential.
We are committed to assessing the challenges, exploring the opportunities and experimenting with alternative methods and means of doing things in more creative and effective ways that achieve more successful outcomes.
We will honor, appreciate, respect, and defend the inherent value and worth of every person with whom we interact.
We are committed to collegiality, cooperation and teamwork, as well as setting an example as a model partner in achieving common goals.
We will hold ourselves responsible for the decisions we make, the actions we take and the results we achieve while continuously searching for ways of proving and improving our effectiveness.
We will aspire to actively, openly and honestly communicate with and engage our clients, employees, trustees, customers, donors and partners in ways that inspire trust, loyalty and confidence.
We will exhibit a high regard for, sensitivity to, and confidence in each other’s capabilities by recognizing their opinions, experiences, intentions, actions and accomplishments.


745 Eastern Avenue SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, 616-245-2207