Early Childhood Literacy

The Grand Rapids Urban League believes that early childhood literacy is crucial for a child’s future success. So how does a child learn to read, and when? According to the National Institute for Literacy, many people might say a child learns to read “in kindergarten or first grade.” But researchers have told us something very important: learning to read and write can start at home, long before children go to school. Children can start down the road to becoming readers from the day they are born, and family child care providers are key to the start of this development.
HERMAN: Bright from the Start
Helping Early Readers Master Achieve Navigate (HERMAN) the world of learning. Very young children begin to learn about spoken language when they hear their caregivers or family members talking, laughing, and singing. They begin to understand written language when they hear adults read stories to them and see adults reading newspapers, magazines, and books for themselves. These early experiences with spoken and written language set the stage for children to become successful readers and writers. Herman Miller, Inc., has supported the development of early childhood literacy by supplying family child care providers with books to read to children in their care from babies, to toddlers, to preschoolers and school-age children. For three years, Herman Miller employees have donated books to this effort totaling over 2,015 books! The League’s early childhood literacy effort is named in honor of Herman Miller’s employees and the tremendous difference they make to a child’s future.
Interested in joining the early childhood literacy effort or the HERMAN: Bright from the Start program? Contact us at info@grurbanleague.org.
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