Congratulations to Joe Jones 
on being appointed as City Commissioner


Congrats to our very own Joe Jones! The Grand Rapids City Commission Tuesday, Feb. 23, appointed Joe Jones to fill the Second Ward seat. 

Jones, president and CEO of the Grand Rapids Urban League, received unanimous support from the commission. He was sworn in and took his seat on the seven-member body at the end of the meeting.

"Joe's professional experience combined with his community service on numerous city committees gives him this big-picture understanding of city issues," said Bliss, who said he has been an advocate for all, known as a consensus-builder.

"How great for our city and for the Second Ward to have so many really incredibly qualified individuals step up and want to serve our community."

Jones is the first black commissioner to serve the Second Ward.

"I'm someone who is committed, empathetic, has integrity, and an overall concern for the well-being of all citizens," said Jones, about the public servant city residents are getting. "I have been active in all facets of the community and have given consideration to serving for some time now."


745 Eastern Avenue SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, 616-245-2207